Diagnosing Periodontal Disease

Capati Dental performs periodontal disease, or gum disease, diagnosis for patitents in Springfield, Decatur, Riverton, Rochester, and Sherman, Illinois. Part of your regular dental exams should consist of a formal periodontal examination performed by your dentist or dental hygienist. The dentist or dental hygienist will use a periodontal probe to carefully measure the sulcus between the tooth and gums. A periodontal probe is a small instrument and the sulcus is just a dental term for a pocket or space. Basically they’ll be measuring the space between the teeth and the gums.

Based on the depth of pockets and the amount of gum bleeding, and inflammation your dentist should be able to diagnose on of the following three problems:


This occurs when plaque on the teeth hardens and turns into calculus, which causes the gums to recede from the teeth. As the gums recede, deep pockets form between the gum and teeth and sometimes fill with pus and/or bacteria.

Advanced Periodontitis

As bacteria and calculus deteriorate the gums and bones and ligaments the teeth continually lose more support. Over time they will eventually become so loose as to fall out.


The first stage of periodontitis, gingivitis, is the inflammation of tender, bloody gums caused by the plaque and its by products. Gingivitis causes irritation in the gums.

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