Just Say Yes To Hemp

The following is a copy of my presentation for Dentistry’s Got Talent – a competition put on by Smiles at Sea – a dental continuing education company that holds its courses on cruise ships.  My presentation was on the benefit of using hemp oil in your dental practice.

“Just Say No!!!”

Who here remembers this campaign from the War on Drugs?  Nancy Reagan so completely pummeled this into my brain that I looked forward to someone offering me drugs so I could just scream “No” in their face.

Look at me now.  I’m the drug pusher now.  I’m the guy trying to convince doctors to just give it a try.  You’ll like it. How did I go from “Just Say No” to “Just Say Yes”?

I blame my parents.  My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease recently.  She was finding it more difficult to get quality sleep as the disease progressed.  She found that her movements were waking her up several times a night and it was difficult to go back to sleep.  A friend of the family, Agnes, had been using hemp oil to lower her blood pressure. When my dad told her of my mom’s sleep problems, she gave my dad a bottle of hemp oil. My dad is a radiologist, so like most doctors when confronted with unconventional remedies, he immediately stashed it away in a drawer. But after several more weeks of restless nights for my mom, my dad finally gave her a dose of hemp oil. That night she slept and she’s been sleeping well ever since.

We all went on an impromptu vacation last winter and reserved a suite at a resort in Orlando.  There was only one bed and they were out of roll-away beds, so I had to sleep on the couch. I slept like crap the first night, so my mom offered me some of her hemp oil. So of course, my childhood brainwashing took over and I said “No!!!!”  I didn’t really say that, but that would have been hilarious. I took a dose of hemp oil and slept like a baby the rest of the trip. Just to make sure that it was the hemp oil that was letting me sleep, I tried it for a month when I got home.  Not only did I get better sleep, I felt less cranky and less stressed. I had more energy, and I lost 15 pounds. I felt 20 years younger. It was like I never became a dentist.

I had to learn more so I went to the finest institutions of learning known to man…YouTube and Wikipedia!  I learned that hemp was rich in cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is a phytocannabinoid. It feeds our endocannabinoid system (ECS).  This system is way too complicated to explain in a quick blog post, so I’ll boil it down to this. The ECS maintains the body’s homeostasis.  If something in our body is too high or too low, the ECS brings it back to normal. This works well because if you take too much CBD, you just get more normal.  You can’t overdose on this stuff. And there are practically no side effects.

In addition to sleep, CBD can help the body deal with anxiety, inflammation, and pain. I wonder what profession deals with a lot of anxiety, pain, and inflammation.  Dentistry has those by the truckload. Plus CBD has minimal side-effects and drug interactions!

After a month of trying it out on myself, I started to introduce patients to it.  I get this patient all the time.

“Uh doc, no offense, but um…I hate dentists.”

I don’t see this as a negative anymore.  I see it as a challenge.

I had one emergency patient that we squeezed into the schedule.  She wasn’t expecting any treatment that day. Just an x-ray and an exam, but we had a no-show so some time opened up.  I told her “Great news! We can take care of that today! I’ll just get you numb now” She immediately burst into tears. No tears of joy.  Tears of anxiety. Faced with the reality of the needle, she just broke down. I asked her if she heard of hemp oil and to my surprise, she did.  I gave her two doses and within 5 minutes she was much more calm. I asked her if she was ready and she said, “yes, if I could have one more dose”.  We had no problems the rest of the appointment.

The product I use is UltraCell by Zilis.  The water soluble formulation allows the body to absorb the hemp oil more quickly and completely.  In my experience, it works faster than nitrous oxide. Plus there’s no need to have the patient on oxygen afterwards.  Unlike prescription anti-anxiety medications, you don’t have to arrange special transportation for the patient. While taking hemp oil, you can safely drive.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Hemp is on the verge of coming off the FDA’s schedule 1 classification.  The decriminalization of hemp is going make the industry explode.

If you want to learn more, please join the discussion on my Facebook group, Hemp Oil in Dentistry.

If you want to buy UltraCell hemp oil from me, go here:  Shop Hemp

In conclusion, when it comes to hemp, I want you to Just Say Yes!