Exciting New Technology Arrives at Capati Dental

Capati Dental recently purchased new state-of-the-art technology for its Springfield dental practice.

Our new CEREC system allows Dr. Albert Capati and his staff to create dental crowns and restorations within one hour – a process which used to take up to four weeks and several visits. “It’s completely changing the way we think about dentistry,” says Dr. Capati. “It eliminates the need for messy impressions and temporary crowns, and our patients are in and out in one visit.”

First, the CEREC 3D camera creates an optical impression of the tooth in just a few seconds. The image is sent to a high-performance PC which uses 3D software to design the preparation model. The software then guides Dr. Capati, step by step, in creating the finished restoration design.

Then the restoration design is sent to the milling unit, which precisely mills a small ceramic block into a finished restoration within just a few minutes while the patient waits.

“The feedback we are getting from patients is great,” says Dr. Capati. “The main advantage, from a dentist’s perspective, is that we are now able to preserve a much greater amount of the patient’s tooth structure. In the past, when we applied conventional crowns, we had to reduce the tooth to a stub. However, by using the CEREC system, we are able to chemically bond the restoration to the patient’s tooth structure, and we can design a restoration that replaces only the weak areas of the tooth.”

Dr. Capati says that an additional benefit to using the CEREC system is that that there is no metal in a CEREC restoration because they are milled from a solid ceramic block – this means no more grey fillings for his patients. Traditional fillings are made from dental amalgam. The FDA recommends that pregnant women and young children should avoid amalgam, and Dr. Capati recommends replacing amalgam fillings with composite fillings when there is evidence of fracture lines in the tooth.

There are also many ecological benefits to creating CEREC restorations over traditional crowns. No physical models or temporary crowns are created and disposed of, no models are packed and shipping to and from dental labs, and patients make only one trip to the dental office. The only materials that go into making a CEREC crown are the ceramic blocks and the water it takes to cool the milling machine.

Dr. Capati is very impressed with the system and how well the restorations fit and are bonded. He says that the new restorations look great and will last a very long time.